Juniper Hotel a Downtown Wedding Venue

When I think back to Trista and Larry's wedding what stands out to me is how easy going their wedding day was, the amount of time I had to photograph stylized formal portraits allowed for great "city" images. 

Trista looked beautiful in both of her dresses, later she wore an all red formal dress which stood out during evening portraits. 

I couldn't resist the chance to quickly work my camera's focus back and forth on the foreground and background subjects using my sports photography skills, being quick on the draw is how I like to shoot!  

Right on cue the wind picked up without messing up Trista's hair during this formal portrait, or perhaps my assistant was removed in Photoshop, either way there was a production of sorts to create this photo.  

After the ceremony we headed inside of the Juniper Hotel to make more portraits, the sitting room made for pictures boasting of rich and bold colors. 

I didn't realize Larry provided security for me during our portrait session until grandmother was swiftly pulled from the set.  All joking aside, these are the best moments which are always fun to share with the family. 

The idea here was to create a portrait wide enough to show the symmetry in this downtown scene, this is one of my favorite images from this past summer.