Hillside Gem in Sunol

Nella Terra Cellars in Sunol is tucked away from the busy Bay Area cityscape nestled in the hills between Fremont and Pleasanton.  I had the privilege of photographing two amazing weddings here over the last month, what I can say about this particular wedding destination compared to others is

it makes you feel like Nella Terra Cellars and the foreseeable distance and beyond is all yours for the evening, both receptions I photographed had great parties.  From a photographer's point of view, the reception canopy makes lighting a breeze and during this rainy night all of the guests were a little more together.

but more on lighting later in the story.

Karen was a fun bride to photograph, she was full of smiles and she made it a pleasure and a breeze capturing meaningful moments before the ceremony in the bridal cottage.

The ceremony site is at the bottom of the vineyard and has a large pond, water feature and flower garden towards the front of the grounds. 

Soon as we headed over to the bridge to photograph the bridal party we noticed the cows trotting over to be apart of the pictures, everybody thought it was another good luck omen in addition to the rain.

Karen enjoyed feeding Casey her beautiful cake.

so now Casey had plenty of energy to dance with his friends and family.

To see more premier images from myself and my team of photographers head over to my Instagram by clicking here.  To see more emotional images from this wedding view the slide-show on Google+ by clicking here.  Thanks for reading!