Military Wedding at 100+ year old Estate

I had the pleasure of photographing Vanessa and Jace last spring at the Palace of Fine Arts in San Francisco, during the engagement photo session Jace surprised everyone and formally proposed to Vanessa (This moment was captured in the rain and can be seen on my Instagram).  When it was time to photograph this couple's wedding I knew it was going to be a day focused heavily on formal portraits, and that was just alright by this photographer.

I photographed portraits in the bridal suite as I usually do, along with details such as rings and Vanessa's heels.

Jace and Vanessa spoke to each other from opposite sides of the hotel room's door prior to the ceremony.

During the ceremony I wanted to capture an image that included the couple and the 100+ year old estate, the window panes from the cocktail room showed it's elegant age. 

After family pictures we walked a lap around the estate and took formal bride and groom portraits with every opportunity we faced.

When open dancing began I snuck outside to prepare two evening portraits which I lit using off camera strobes.

The 100+ year old Naval Postgraduate School in Monterey had a beautiful infinity pool which made for an excellent foreground to this portrait.   

Then back to the dance floor Vanessa and Jace went to party the night away.