A Beautiful Wedding to Witness

Carlos and Alejandra had an aesthetically beautiful wedding to witness, from a grand ceremony at All Saints Church to the multiple live bands during the reception, this was a beautiful wedding to watch!


During the ceremony we had ample time to photograph journalistic images with a creative twist, here we used a mirror to create interest at the bottom of the fame.

After the ceremony we photographed Alejandra and Carlos with a soft box and simply let the illuminated stained glass allow this photo to shine. 
I thought it was visually interesting to see the couple lit by sunlight while family and friends stood below in the shadow.

My team and I photographed the exiting of the church from multiple angles, the straight on photo above is considered to be your must have photo while the overhead left side angle shows a journalistic perspective. 

We went to a near by historic park for a handful of formal bride and groom portraits. 

After the ceremony we went to a local park and photographed several formal portraits.

Here my team and I used a powerful studio strobe with a softbox to create this rich and color saturated portrait.

Then we headed to the reception... 

We pride ourselves in capturing the details with as much consideration as when we photograph formal portraits, as you can see it's worth the time setting up lighting equipment.

Nice choice on the ring design, you can see the bottom of the diamond!