Armenian / Mexican Wedding

Natasha and Francisco (aka Frankie) had a unique and visually compelling wedding, they both come from two different backgrounds and they merged them together on their wedding day.  As a wedding photographer a blended wedding is fun to photograph because, for one; it's a learning experience for myself and for all of their guests.  Natasha merged elements of her Armenian background and Frankie's Mexican background, check out how they incorporated both into their special day.

Natasha had a beautiful view from the sun room in her deluxe two bedroom suite at the Intercontinental Mark Hopkins Hotel in San Francisco, we had great views all morning long of the Golden Gate Bridge.

When I have extra time to take pictures in the bridal suite I have the opportunity to try out 'in camera tricks', here I am creating artistic flares of light.

Natasha was pleased with her look, she had a great team of hairstylist  and makeup artist. 

Mom had a great view from the second bedroom. 

I enjoy capturing special moments in real time time, like this happy look from Natasha. 

When you have a light source from behind a stream of hair spray you get a fun cloud effect.

Both mom and dad were a pleasure to be around, I could see they were enjoying the day along with their daughter. 

Here we shot with a lens typically used in architecture photography, it creates dramatic soft edges. 

The ladies enjoyed the limo ride to the Armenian church.

The ceremony was one that showcased tradition and respect for the church. 

a moment captured with a lower reflection in the picture frame.

After the ceremony everybody gathers outside for the couples first kiss.

Then it was off to the Legion of Honor for bridal party photos.

and bride and groom formal photos.

what you don't see is why I am laughing, Frankie's a free spirited kind of guy and always keeps the photoshoot light hearted. 

The beginning of the reception had traditional mariachi music, and I stepped it up and had my assistant with me lighting up this violinist with a softbox for a elegant look.

The food at middle eastern and mediterranean weddings always makes for great pictures, and Armenian food is no different. 

We used a two light set up for this cake photo.

and for dancing photos we shoot for an effect that visually matches the music that is leading everybody on dance floor.

At the very end of the night we photographed Natasha and Frankie with a special 50mm lens and a tungston light for a unique effect.