Engagement via Motorsports

Looking back over this past wedding season which is almost over, I had at least four couples who wanted part of their engagement shoot to have a sports theme, mainly basketball for obvious reasons.  So when I met with Ashley and Omar during our sit down meeting to discuss how I would photograph their Castlewood wedding and engagement shoot, I asked how did you two meet?  Ashley went on to explain that she and Omar met while riding sport bikes, and the creative bells and whistles went off in my mind!

 I wanted to use this opportunity to tell Ashley and Omar's story in a different way than usual, they were on board with a motorcycle based photoshoot which would have an engagement feel.  I had their trust as to not make their engagement shoot look like I was out shooting a Superbike race at Leguna Seca.  I assured them that with special lighting and proper posing their engagement photo shoot would have an edgy and intimate look.  

For the above images I used four lights and several different modifiers and gels to create pockets of colored light on the couple and motorcycle, and the secret to making this photo pop was a can of Atmosphere Aerosol.  The parking garage I used was a great location because it gave me the lighting control necessary as if we were in a studio, yet it was steps away from the forest so we could also shoot traditional engagement poses.  

We had just enough time before sunset to make a few images in the forest and give Ashley and Omar the best of both worlds, their motorcycle look and a traditional look.