Nella Terra - Close, yet Far From it All

Michael and Kari’s wedding began in the rolling hills of Nella Terra Cellars. The venue is close by, in fact it’s in the Bay, yet feels like it’s far from it all.


Marvel superhero socks and cowgirl boots was the theme on this particular day, we’ll dive into this a bit more later.

Kari’s mother helped with the final touches to here daughters wedding day attire.


Kari and here soon to be mother in law had a touching moment which made them even closer.


Here is a makeup photo I like to take whenever the bride is wearing pearls, pearls help demonstrate the depth of field (blurriness) and allow you to focus on the lashes.

Kari and her sister recreated a moment they posed for as children, seeing the then and now image I am sure will bring a smile to their faces.


Always in good fashion and form was Michael and his groomsmen, they were relaxed and having a great time in the groomsmen’s cove.


Our bride Kari asked me to make sure we capture Michael’s reaction to seeing his bride for the first time, as you can see there is a twinkle of admiration and excitement in his eyes.


Once the ceremony ended this superhero country couple had a refreshing drink just before beginning formal family portraits.

the bridal party played up to the camera while posing for portraits.

This is probably my favorite place to take a portrait at Nella Terra because it really is a statement photo of what this venue is all about, vineyards, hills and a manicured garden.

The end of dinner was our perfect chance to photograph sunset photos of Kari and Michael, so Rene of Poppy Events & Co brought a shuttle right to dinner and whisked us away as the sun was setting.


Just before returning the couple back to the reception we made one last stop to show off this couples socks and boot game.

Then it was time for some heartfelt and touching speeches.

We love capturing peak emotion, couples have said they remember exactly what was said during these moments in time.


The YMCA song is a classic and always makes for great photos.

Thank you Kari and Michael, from your engagement shoot to your wedding you two were great people to photograph. Enjoy the married life!