Palm Event Center - Rustic & Glamorous

Shanna and Shawn arrived at the Palm Event Center, a rustic winery with a touch of glam, ready to take formal pictures before the ceremony. We began with a few getting ready photos and off we went to photograph each side of the wedding party outside before the guests arrived.


After taking half of the formal photos on our list the Rabbi had Shanna and Shawn sign the ketubah, a marriage contract in jewish wedding culture.


It is always a touching moment when the groom sees the bride for the first time.

Sometimes it’s fitting to get an elevated photo next to the chandelier for a unique perspective that showcases some of the glamorous elements of the Palm Event Center.


After the ceremony we photographed a full wedding party photo and a creative floating veil portrait in the vineyard.


You can’t quite tell but Shanna the bride began to slip off of the elevated chair and at the same time was having so much fun she couldn’t really tell the ones carrying her she was slipping off, by the end of it all she actually fell off the chair and landed perfectly on her feet as they were bring her down, it was a close one!