Pro Athlete Wedding

Darlenis began her wedding day at the Marriott in Emeryville, where we began our photography with the details.

You can see here we took two different style photographs of the brides heels, one with a bright and airy feel and the other with a colorful and saturated look.

What was unique and had me relate well with the couple is the fact that they were both professional athletes in their respective sports.

Darlenis is a former competition level fitness athlete.

and Michel a professional baseball player in Cuba.

Here I made quick work photographing the guys in a five photo composite, each person has their own individual strobe of light on their face and then all photos were blended together to make this image.

Darlenis looks out to the ceremony area to see arriving guests.

It was a beautiful day at the Sequoyah Country Club in Oakland, under the direction of wedding planning by Amarelo Events.

During the formal photoshoot following the wedding we went from warm sun to dusk, this gave me the opportunity to capture this forrest look using a studio strobe.

Then it was time to dance!


Michele and Darlenis and their friends hands down are the most passionate dancers I have witnessed at a wedding, it was amazing just being there.

and that dance floor passion carried over to the removal of the garter, best part is seeing their son turned around and distracted by one of the guests.


All in all they were a great group of people who were a pleasure to photograph.