San Francisco - Harding Park

Paola & Eli began their wedding at Parc 55 Hotel in downtown San Francisco.  What was interesting about the view from their two room apartment suite was that you could see Twin Peaks at the beginning and the end of their day, all the way on the other side of town at the ceremony venue.


An extreme heel curve allowed me to create a unique ring photo. 


Paola's view of San Francisco while getting ready was fantastic.


After the bridesmaids placed jewelry on Paola her mother then joined the ladies to see her daughter in her gown for the first time.


Eli had a fun moment meeting his bride while blindfolded, keeping it traditional as to not see Paola prior to the wedding.


Then it was off to TPC Harding Park in a limo!  If you look closely at the back of the limo there's a "The City" Warriors logo, it's literally a sign of my photography roots, how perfect!

After the ceremony we photographed formal portraits along with the full bridal party, this group knows how to have a good time!


OMG check out my ring!


There were a lot of great moments to capture during the speeches. 


What got the room's biggest laugh was Eli's father telling a story about raising him, he wasn't overly trying to get a laugh, it was his delivery, true laughter here...


a small cloud passed by allowing for this subtle highlight effect on the couples upper body.


I am sure the pair of Chuck Taylors were a cozy relief on the feet compared to the brand new dress shoes and heals worn earlier...


When the couple and I scouted TPC Harding Park prior to the wedding we talked about creating an epic panoramic photo with the below iconic trees in the background.  This is a four photo stitch where my assistant Sergio is standing 15' away (he was removed in Photoshop) from the couple aiming a strobe at them for a subtle highlight effect.


This is another portrait that was very involved to create the spotlight, orange light and reflection effect, I could explain it but sometimes it's better to just enjoy it.


This is another creatively involved photo where we, my assistant and I in tandem made the concert stage light effect during open dancing.


This has to be right up there with one of the funniest moments I have witnessed at a wedding.  All of the groomsmen were given a gift bag and at the same time they all found their own bottle of Smirnoff Ice and the song "Ice Ice Baby" by Vanilla Ice was immediately played.  It was obvious to the onlookers that their bro code of receving this alcholic beverage means you have to finish it in one chug. 


...then a few minutes later Eli went under Paola's dress to retrieve his garter belt only to be surprised by another bottle of Smirnoff Ice, boom!  ,that just happened...


The couple mentioned they wanted a photo which shows the purple up lighting in the venue; so we made that happen towards the end of the evening.


and at the end of the night I ran circles around the couple to create a dizzy feeling and this sparkler photo.  


Keep up with this couples post wedding bride and groom photoshoot at the Palace of Fine Arts which occurred earlier this week, I'll post it on my Instagram very soon.  Thanks for reading!