Sutro Baths an Engagement Paradise

Erika & Chris are the sixth couple I photographed from the Golden State Warriors from over the years and they may have been my best engagement photoshoot session to date because I had...

a breakthrough in terms of discovering a new portrait while at an old location I have been to many times.

I have known Erika and Chris for many years through work, and when they asked me to photograph their engagement photos I knew it was going to be a lot of fun.  We started the day at Fort Point just under the Golden Gate Bridge with casual wear and matching Jordan's, which represented how Erika and Chris met, that being through basketball.  While on our way to the Sutro Baths I suggested we stop at the Legion of Honor, in order to allow time to pass and the sun to set at their end of day photo portrait location.


Once we left the Legion of Honor I still wanted more time to pass so we went above the Sutro Baths and set up lights to create sun flare portraits at Lands End.

When the light reached the end of the day I began to work quickly knowing I had just a few minutes to make the below lit portraits.

When I create a new photo at an old location I have been to time and time again it excites me every time.  It's good to have the experience to know exactly where to go when creating formal portraits but I believe it's just as important to keep a fresh eye for new backgrounds, for me this hit the mark.