Stunning Wedding Venue in San Ramon

Monique and Andrew's wedding was one of those beautifully scenic weddings surrounded by an easy going wedding party and lively guests.  Throughout the day we had many opportunities to create iconic images of the details, and good wedding pictures begin with the details....  This venue has an amazing feature which I've only seen once before, but more on that later.


After mirroring bridal party photos seperatley, so Andrew wouldn't see Monique, we photographed detail images with the few minutes of down time we had before the ceremony began.

It's not often I get the chance to photograph a pair of Christian Louboutin's.  I quickly set up a softbox for a deep smoky saturated look.

Remembering to incorporate loved ones that are no longer with the couple through a piece of jewelry is special.

The grounds of The Bridges Golf Club is beautiful in every direction.

Detail photos come in various styles, in camera reflection tricks, elevated wide photos or photos shot tight help create a full story.

This is it!  The tunnel at The Bridges is a must have formal bride and groom portrait location.  A simple two light set up was used to create a well lit couple with a dramatic high contrast background look.  

In tandem with my assistant we were able to capture a walking shot lit by a softbox, you have to move quick during post ceremony portraits!  

Just before the reception opened to the guests we had the opportunity for an empty room formal portrait.

This is one one tall cake by Cocoa and Butter.

A beautiful ring by Ritani via Shane Co.  photographed with a Canon 100mm macro lens.

Emotion comes in many forms and we love to focus on those perfect moments, especially during a twirl, our NBA sports photography and newspaper journalism roots were in high gear.

Dramatically lit flowers arranged by Ribbons & Roses.

One of the best parts of the day was the sounds of laughter from all when Monique warmed up her pitching arm a little too much in the bullpen and hug her bouquet in chandelier!

All in all Monique and Andrew gave my staff and I a wonderful experience doing what we love.