Welcome to the site of San Francisco Bay Area wedding & NBA photographer Jack Arent.  We are a full service wedding photography group made up of a team of photographers and graphic artist, working together to capture the love and laughter of your special day.  We are best known for creating timeless imagery through fashion photography lighting techniques, journalism coverage and emotional image capture that tells your perfect story, in one word we are, reliable.       

24 million monthly site visitors

24 million monthly site visitors

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2016 Schedule

March 12th - Lancaster, PA

April 2nd - San Jose, CA

April 9th - Sunol, CA

April 30th - San Francisco, CA

May 1st - Half Moon Bay, CA

May 6th - Sunol, CA

May 7th - Los Altos, CA

May 14th - Napa, CA

May 21st - Livermore, CA

May 28th - Morgan Hill, CA

May 29th - Santa Clara, CA

June 1st - Napa, CA

June 2nd - (Pending)

June 11th - Emeryville, CA

June 17th - Saratoga, CA (pending)

June 18th - Half Moon Bay, CA

June 24th - San Francisco, CA 

June 25th - Emerald Hills, CA

June 26th - Monterey, CA

July 2nd - Hawaii, HI

July 16th - Las Vegas, NV (pending)

July 23rd - Monterey, CA

August 6th - San Francisco, CA

August 14th - Pleasanton, CA

August 20th - Menlo Park, CA

August 27th - Cupertino, CA

September 3rd - Campbell, CA

September 4th - Livermore, CA

September 17th - Half Moon Bay, CA

October 8th - Concord, CA

October 16th 2016 - San Pablo, CA

October 29th - Stonebrae Golf Course

November 12th - Saratoga, CA

November 13th - Brentwood, CA

November 19th - Concord, CA


2017 Schedule

January 7th - TBD

February 11th - TBD

April 28th - San Ramon

May 19th - Casa Real Pleasanton, CA

June 17th - Sunol, CA

June 24th - Ritz Carlton Hotel HMB/private estate

July 8th - Walnut Creek, CA

July 14th - Castlewood - Pleasanton, CA

July 15th - Las Vegas, NV (pending)

August 4th - Grand Island Mansion

August 5th - Brentwood, CA 

September 2nd - Santa Clara, CA

September 3rd - Berkeley, CA