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This multi wedding venue review is for couples who are looking for a beautiful wedding space that is also a great bang for your buck in the Bay Area... 

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Lauren and Justin, (a professional basketball player) had a picture perfect mansion wedding by the Delta.  See more from this beautiful couples wedding...

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2020 Bookings

June 20th - TPC Stonebrae

2019 Bookings

January 18th - Palm Event Center

March 23rd - Roseville, CA

May 4th - San Francisco, CA

June 28th - Auburn, CA

July 27th - Nella Terra Cellars

October 19th - San Ramon, CA

November 9th - Benicia, CA

2018 Bookings

Feb 10th - SF Mint

Feb 16-18 - NBA All Star Game, Los Angeles

March 10th - San Jose, CA

March 27th - San Francisco, CA

June 8th  - SF City Hall

June 9th - Half Moon Bay Golf Links, CA

June 30th - Oakland, CA

July 6th - San Francisco, CA

July 14th - Los Angeles, CA

July 21st - Berkeley, CA

July 28th - Oakland, CA

August 11th - Los Gatos Country Club, CA

August 19th - East Bay 

September 21st - Oakland, CA

November 24th - Oakland, CA

2017 Bookings

April 7th - Casa Real

April 28th - San Ramon

June 17th - Sunol, CA

June 24th - Ritz Carlton Hotel HMB/private estate

July 1st - San Francisco, CA

July 8th - Walnut Creek, CA

July 10-13 NBA Summer League - Las Vegas, NV

July 14th - Castlewood - Pleasanton, CA

July 29th - Gilroy, CA

August 4th - Grand Island Mansion

August 5th - Brentwood, CA  

September 2nd - Santa Clara, CA

September 3rd - Brazilian Room, Berkeley, CA

September 8th - San Ramon, CA

September 9th - Walnut Creek, CA

September 30th - Galleria Design Center in SF

October 7th - Mira Vista Country Club

November 3rd - SF City Hall

November 5th - Napa, CA

November 18th - Fremont, CA

November 24th - Mira Vista Country Club

2016 Bookings

March 12th - Lancaster, PA

April 2nd - San Jose, CA

April 9th - Sunol, CA

April 30th - San Francisco, CA

May 1st - Half Moon Bay, CA

May 6th - Sunol, CA

May 7th - Los Altos, CA

May 14th - Napa, CA

May 21st - Livermore, CA

May 28th - Morgan Hill, CA

May 29th - Santa Clara, CA

June 1st - Napa, CA

June 11th - Emeryville, CA

June 18th - Half Moon Bay, CA

June 24th - San Francisco, CA 

June 25th - Emerald Hills, CA

June 26th - Monterey, CA

July 2nd - Hawaii, HI

July 23rd - Monterey, CA

August 6th - San Francisco, CA

August 14th - Pleasanton, CA

August 20th - Menlo Park, CA

August 27th - Cupertino, CA

September 3rd - Campbell, CA

September 4th - Livermore, CA

September 17th - Half Moon Bay, CA

October 8th - Concord, CA

October 16th 2016 - San Pablo, CA

October 29th - Stonebrae Country Club

November 12th - Saratoga, CA

November 13th - Brentwood, CA

November 19th - Concord, CA






24 million monthly website visitores read Digital Trends

24 million monthly website visitores read Digital Trends

Click to read the interview:  Digital Trends web magazine features wedding and NBA photographer Jack Arent. 

GSW Media Day Portraits

GSW Media Day Portraits