Jack Arent

Capturing a wedding's joy in all of it's color expression and festivity is one of the greatest pleasures that I have as a wedding photographer.  As a truly professional photographer, I have the ability to document the magic of a couple’s wedding day without disturbing its intimacy; a skill that makes Jack Arent Photography a fantastic choice for your special day.  

Capturing images of peak emotion is a skill that I believe I have been blessed with. Having grown up as a child of deaf adults (C.O.D.A.), I was raised in a visual environment that is very different in contrast to most people of the hearing world. Because sign language is so visually based and was my primary language, I have developed a unique ability to easily foresee and capture special moments.  Because of this skill, I have spent much of my career working courtside with the world champion Golden State Warriors and the NBA, capturing moments that are literally making history.    

For more than a decade, I have spent countless hours traveling the country, setting up strobes in arena catwalks and in portrait studios erected in hotel ballrooms with the NBA and adidas. In doing so, I have learned a great deal about the technical applications of high quality lighting.  Combining this with the imagination that I developed as a child in an almost silent household, I will bring to your wedding a set of skills that can make beautiful lighting possible even in the most undesirable lighting conditions.  I pride myself in my ability to take a cold and dimly lit wedding reception hall, (Click for an example) and give it a warm and joyful light so that it becomes the place where memories become images that will be appreciated for a lifetime.

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