Reception Lighting Style

My lighting technique has developed over the years from working side-by-side with the best NBA staff photographers in the country and top wedding photography studios.  Below is an example of how I lit a dark and moody reception using discrete lighting equipment.  (my strobes will not interfere with the natural lighting ambiance)

-Advanced Lighting vs Typical Lighting

Creative Venue Lighting

We use several different lighting techniques to enhance and match the mood of your reception, the above look is ideal early on and the setup below better relates to dancing.  Ask about our advanced lighting package, it allows us to create some of the photo you see here.

Here is an example of how I light dance floor photos late in the night.  I have three unique indoor lighting styles I use, one for showing off how the entire venue looks, one to retain the dark and moody quality matching the ambiance of the dance floor and a third advance lighting technique.  All three of my indoor lighting styles have a dynamic custom lighting quality, especially when coupled with an in camera composition trick like in the above photo.