Destination Wedding - Los Angeles

When I think of the first conversation I had with Bernardo and Berniece I can remember agreeing to photographing their engagement photos while rock climbing because I had some experience climbing fifteen years ago.  Then when it actually came time to photographing them rock climbing and I realized the best photographic angle required me to repel down off the rock with a camera attached to my neck, I thought "what the hell am I doing"!  


While driving down to Los Angeles to photograph their destination wedding with my assistants I had a sense of connection with Benardo and Bernice because of the rock climbing experience we had.

When we arrived at Camarillo Ranch we immediately photographed the dress and heels using the ceremony site as a background. 

then covered the last moments of hair and makeup before the dress went on.

What stood out with this group of ladies is how they truly enjoyed eachothers company. 

My assistant photographed the guys using the barn which creates a bold and clean background. 


When the ceremony began the warm weather was perfect because of the afternoon breeze.

then it was off to photograph formal portraits of this energetic bunch. 

and creative bride and groom portraits.

while the guests enjoyed cocktail hour.

we photographed more traditional formal portraists, even ones with a pop of light in the background for a subtle twist.


then it was time to dance, with LED shoes!

everybody had a great time at Camillo Ranch

we ended the night with a formal portrait using the guests and the reception venue set up as a background.