Hotel Shattuck - Berkeley

Candace and Ed had their wedding day at Hotel Shattuck in Berkeley. Candace and her bridesmaids had the entire penthouse suite to get ready in which made it easy to blend into the room and capture beautiful journalistic photos.


Here we set up a snooted off camera flash so I could focus light and interest on our bride.

Flowers by  Floralisa.

Flowers by Floralisa.

We had an ample amount of time in the brides suite to create saturated and focused light, below is a two light setup, one light on the brides face and one from behind to allow her to stand out from the background. I love capturing journalistic photos with lighting equipment, they look great.

The window light from the penthouse can be seen in the reflection of the brides eye. Thank you to makeup artist Ashlee Elizabeth for the team environment while I documenting these flawless faces.

Ed and his groomsmen were very relaxed and completely fun to be around. Here we photographed the men in front of the window and added one key light.


Then it was time to take the elevator down to the first floor and start the wedding ceremony.


Candace and Ed were naturals posing for their formal portraits because they were used to it from their previous photoshoot. Here is one of my favorites from their engagement shoot.


We used a lot of lighting equipment in order to create interesting portraits to light up what was otherwise a very bright scene during the middle of the afternoon. We still managed to capture a few bright and airy pictures for both looks.


Everybody had a good time on the dancefloor.

Here we photographed people dancing on the floor using a team of two, my assistant helped me direct a strobe flash on the subject to achieve an advanced lighting look.

Then we ended the night with one more evening portrait session.


I enjoyed how this portrait turned out, by lighting the couple we created a regal look which was fitting considering the architecture of the hotel and how nice Candace and Ed looked.

The day went smooth as can be thanks to the team of wedding planners from Dream Kiss Reality.