SF Baker Beach

Here are a handful of select images of Lyndsay and Kevin at Baker Beach on the west side of the Golden Gate bridge, they were the sixth couple I have photographed who also works for the Golden State Warriors.  The below photos have a certain timeless quality in regards to the poses captured. 

Here I've post a collection of natural light photos, natural light lends towards beautiful wedding photos that are soft and airy.

Here is a natural light technique I like to capture by chasing the sunset, that being poses and backgrounds that use the sun to create a hair light effect, notice how it separates the couple from the background...

Even lighting in wedding photography naturally has the viewer focus on the couple's expression rather than the background because the environment is seen as light and pleasant to view, couple that with a 85mm lens at F 1.4 and you get incredible bokeh!

I had to sneak in one photo using off camera lighting, I really enjoy this technique.  Using strobes in conjunction with natural sunlight allows for bold saturated colors, and this cool sun flare effect!