A Bridge as Tall as Redwoods

If you're looking for an outdoor wedding venue in the forest that has more than beautiful redwood trees then look no further than...

 Saratoga Springs in Saratoga, CA.  This beautiful venue has all the perks one could wish for, it's located in the bay area so your guests won't have to drive far, there's mature redwood trees and best of all it has a massive stone bridge that passes through the grounds.  The grand stone bridge makes for spectacular portraits and dates the location in amazing fashion, imagine this photo printed thirty inches wide over your mantle, now this is impressive!

The forest allows for natural light to evenly blanket the ceremony site...

The back of the upper grounds has a great place for taking formal bride and groom portraits.

When lighting the cake using a softbox, creating deep saturated colors, the forest becomes a studio like background where I am able to control my light with ease.  

The walking bridge keeping your guests tucked into the hills at your private wedding party makes for a great sparkler exit.