Castlewood Weddings

What stands out at a Castlewood wedding?  The grand old tree that covers the ceremony site of course!

Stacy and Daniel were an easy going fun couple which made photographing them a pleasure, with these two I always had smiles and laughter to capture.

Here is one of their formal portraits, as you can see they are posed in a dark area under a large tree so I lit them with a powerful studio strobe so they would stand out.  I usually photograph a wide all inclusive formal environmental portrait allowing the photo to be about the beauty of the location, I like these shots because it helps date the venue.

As you can see there was daylight outside during Stacy and Daniel's first dance so I quickly changed up my lighting set up to mimic night time, I think this look suits the mood of the dance floor.

Everybody had fun incorporating traditional elements into the wedding, what you don't see is Daniel and Stacy beginning to slip off of their raised chairs which resulted in a little fright in their eyes.

Castlewood has the perfect dancefloor for one of my creative lighting dance floor photo set up's, Daniel had a blast watching his friends dance moves.