Casa Real an Old World Wedding Venue

Linh and Tri are one of those couples that makes you feel like you are an integral part of their inner circle, as well as their choice to photograph their most important day of their lives.  Months prior to their wedding I photographed their engagement photos and just a few weeks before the big day I photographed their family portraits.  

They are huge Warriors fans and partly because of that we hit it off right from the start.  When I entered the bride and groom's separate hotel suites and met their friends for the first time it felt right, Tri was playing all of the same getting ready music I would want to listen to and we were in our groove.  The guys were trying to figure out how to dress in tuxedos and I was snapping away, while all of us were delivering jokes back and forth from across the room.

Once Linh began the process of getting her beautiful dress on the day's pace picked up and the emotion of what was to come began to show. 

Linh and Tri decided on taking a few formal bride and groom along with family portraits prior to their wedding.

and as if it was a Hollywood set, the warm day in the garden had a breeze which allowed Linh's veil to dance in the wind as she walked down the aisle.

We then snuck out for portraits minutes before sunset at Casa Real's beautiful vineyard which has a old world rustic feel, it's a beautiful wedding venue in every direction you look.

We snuck out once again at the beginning of open dancing for another signature portrait, this time in the dark of night using off camera lighting and a technique to reveal the midnight blue sky.

The dance floor had a moment which was very exciting to say the least, memorable is the way to describe it.