Elegant & Dramatic Wedding Lighting

Vanessa and Ben chose to have an evening engagement photo shoot and as a result their pictures from this session and their wedding boasted of bold beautiful colors.  This gallery of images is dedicated to showing how bold yet soft custom lighting can be when used correctly. 

Before getting into showing custom lit photos from the wedding I had to sneak in this natural light bride's portrait, Vanessa's makeup artist did a beautiful job. 

I am a fan of evening lit portraits and drawing in the natural light of the venue, this was the reception entrance at Villa Ragusa in Campbell, CA.

Lighting cakes with soft dramatic light fall off lends towards a elegant look.

The award winning band Cover Me Badd  brought a lot of energy and had an impressive stage lighting presence which had everybody on the dance floor lost in the music.

My assistant and I worked together to create a custom lighting technique to make it look like the bride had her own personal spotlight on her. 

...this lighting technique makes Ben stand out on the dance floor.

I really enjoyed Vanessa and Ben's wedding it was such a great party that continued late into the night.