Hidden Rustic Wedding Venue

I found out about a beautiful rustic wedding venue hidden away in Los Altos just behind...

the Los Altos Community Center.  The grounds surrounding the history museum are covered in old growth trees which provide an impressive shaded covering towards the back of the grounds.  The brick covered patio is where Eileen and Jasen had their wedding ceremony.  On one side of the ceremony grounds is a large rustic building which houses art galleries that are continuously revolving, opposite of the gallery is the J. Gilbert Smith house which was built in 1905.

Jasen and Eileen began their wedding day by having a few quiet moments to themselves during their pre ceremony first look.

I had a great time photographing Eileen and Jasen, they were easy going and really wanted to have me highlight their day and not make the day about taking pictures, I focused on making emotional images during the ceremony...

and quick work of formal portraits so they could get back to cocktail hour with their friends.

They had a beautiful cake and a twist on wedding flower arrangements, lots of dramatic bold colors!

Later in the night I snuck away to set up a two light portrait, one light for the couple and one on the tree to create background separation and visual drama.  I then asked the couple to step in to take a quick half a dozen photos before returning to the party without missing a beat.

The Los Altos History Museum became a wonderland after nightfall.