Engagement Shoots vs Wedding Shoots

I met Kim and Ron at Fort Point in San Francisco for their engagement photoshoot months before photographing their wedding.  As a result of having photographed them prior to the big day I can tell you their...

composure when posing for their formal wedding photos looked and felt very natural.  Kim and Ron both have fun and carefree personalities which probably had the biggest influence to posing perfectly right from the jump, but I like to think the prior experience during their engagement session had something to do with it. 

On the day of the  wedding I had a fair amount of free time to create a themed image, that special theme was tying in an image from the engagement session to the formal wedding photo session, I came up with these environmental portrait.

Here is the wedding day version connecting the two images photographed months apart at the Oceano Hotel in Half Moon Bay.

Because Kim and Ron already knew what to expect when posing for formal portraits, they took the minute of time it takes me to set up my lights to practice their formal dance.

Immediately after being introduced to the reception they began their formal dance performance for all to see, this was the big moment Kim and Ron practiced for and it paid off.

During dinner I asked Kim and Ron if they wanted to hop in my car to go to my secret location to make a portrait at dusk, we were there and back in fifteen minutes and we didn't skip a beat.

Right back to the dance floor they went, the wedding party had fun provoking the kids to join them.

The end of the night Kim and Ron's friends and family gave them a special sparkler send off.