"Teddy" The Wedding you Missed

Hello everybody, it's been awhile since I have blogged about weddings this fall.  I had a few weeks off from field assignments and went on a quick holiday trip to France with my girlfriend; excuse me, fiance!  So what a way to come back to work (newly engaged) than to do it in style with one of my favorite couples of all time, and that's with the power couple of Tiffany and Teddy.  


I have gone back and forth when it comes to the title of this blog post because it's my duty (and privilege) to give this story justice from the jump.  Some of the titles (which I scrapped) include "Tedinator", "Ted's Gone WIld", "Love, Laughter and Cake" and "What Do You Mean I Can't Have a Pumpkin?!"  I settled with the most appropriate title I could think of, "Teddy" the Wedding you Missed.   


The day started out smooth, at the Lafayette Park Hotel & Spa, so smooth in fact I had the opportunity to capture what I call "shoot throughs" which naturally happened.  


Capturing the peak of the scene shooting through a mirror while incorporating the bridesmaids in the foreground speaks volumes about the getting ready process in a single photograph. 


adding off camera flash helps to highlight the bride and brings her to the forefront of the image.


Tiffany and Teddy had a light hearted first look while their wedding party watching from the second and third floor balconies.


After their first look we headed to The Gardens at Heather Farm in Walnut Creek for more portraits prior to the ceremony. 


Often times I can sense a bit of nervousness from a groom as the wedding begins, with Teddy it was a different story, he was pumped.

The rose garden and the long approach down the stairs gave me plenty of opportunity to capture more "shoot throughs", I love the distortion and interest it provides.  You probably would laugh if could see how this photo was captured, it's a dance of constantly bobbing up, down and side to side keeping Tiffany in line with my lens while edging the frame of view with the foliage. 

The ceremony had a few more light hearted moments which had all in attendance laughing.  


I often photograph bride and groom portraits with typical fixed focal length wedding photography lenses because they produce great bokeh.  I also like to shoot portraits using off camera flash.  Eventhough it looks like dusk the below image was taken just minutes apart from the above photo.  


Teddy is one of the funniest grooms I have ever photographed.  Once the ceremony was over, the periodic shenanigans for the rest of the night began.  During the end of the formal photoshoot Teddy discovered the hillside of green leaves was actually a living pumpkin patch! ,which Tiffany wanted him to admire from afar. 


We kept the formal photos to a minimum so the bride and groom could be with their friends during cocktail hour.  Insert your own phrase of what Tiffany could be saying to Teddy...  Perhaps, "Be nice when we cut the cake"?


The warm afternoon had all in attendance in a great mood and ready for the party that was to come.


Tiffany once again showed off her great smile during another light hearted moment.

Comedy runs wild through the veins of Teddy and his brother Taylor, who was also his best man.  His speech was one of the funniest I've ever heard.

even their father was impressed with the comedic delivery of the best man's speech.     


I wish audio clips could accompany this blog.  For those lucky people in attendance these photos will bring great memories back to life.  In short Taylor's funniest line stated:  Teddy, you have a great woman by your side, but I want you to remember two words, "Passive Listening".  If you want to stay out of trouble, make eye contact and give her two nods in response to any question.  


Tiffany was all smiles during the first dance, it's obvious they are perfect for each other.


and THEN there was the cake cutting part of the evening...  My assistant and I got a kick out of the over sized doughnut cake.  Prior to cutting the cake there was a low rumble from the crowd.  Was there a possible food fight between the couple you ask? no that didn't happen...

...something greater happened.  The Tedinator served up cake to his bride and friends in a special way.


The woman who made the cake (in the beige dress) couldnt believe her eyes.


Dad was once again proud and thoroughly impressed by the laughter which filled the room.


Teddy was a generous host feeding cake to his friends, by hand.


Such a great moment, you see many forms of happiness here, from satisfaction, disbelief to sheer elation. 


Tiffany will never be short on laughter, you can count on that. 


Dive in!  The comedy continued with the extraction of the garter belt.


What a great group of friends and family!

then it was time to party!


I have never laughed so much at a wedding, Teddy, you will always own that title.  Thank you for being you and allowing me to document your special day.