Warriors in Castlewood

Ashley and Omar were a lot of fun to photograph on their wedding day, before I unfold the details of their special day I should mention how their non traditional engagement photo came about.  When we all sat down to talk about their photography coverage the conversation naturally geared towards how they met while riding motorcycles, so I proposed going away from traditional engagement photos and offered the dramatic.  

When the wedding day arrived the atmosphere in Ashley's bridal suite was very relaxed as if our couple knew we were going to take good care of them.  What may have contributed to that sense of comfort is that my assistant photographer has known the couple since high school and I myself for a number of years while working for the Warriors alongside Ashley. 


Omar had given us plenty of time to create a getting ready pose which incorporated portrait lighting in what would have been a dark room without window light.  We set up a simple two light look which mimicked natural light coming from the right, while the left side composition makes the viewer appear to be on the outside looking in.


Back in Ashley's suite we photographed formal style photos of the final touches, heels, jewelry and other items being place on the bride to be.


A clean background and accent lighting allows the jade necklace and gold bracelet to stand out in this bridal portrait.


First looks are a fun way to make what can be a stressful prewedding time relaxing, it also gives you more opportunity to create a few extra formal bride and groom portraits.


The chandelier at Castlewood Country Club is one of their distinct features, along with the beautiful oak tree at the ceremony site which is coming up.


Here we photographed an artistic and traditional ceremony image under the majestic oak tree.


The couple's first smiles as husband and wife say a lot about their excitement.


Here my assistant and I used a powerful studio strobe to light up the couple during bright mid afternoon sun.


The palm tree lined entrance to the country club says California wedding all over it.


All of the warriors employees gathered for a special photo, it was nice seeing my coworkers in a different enviroment having a good time!


More shenninigans from Joco, he probably gets it from hanging out with Dave Chappelle.


I love it when I have my full crew supporting each other, it allows me to step outside to create images like this lit foreground silhouette.


A memorable part of the night was when Omar's friends and family surprised him by tossing him in the air repeatedly, it's a tradition, and they don't always catch the groom when he returns from the ceiling!


We have a few different styles of capturing creative dance floor photos which match the environment on the floor!