Falkirk Cultural Center, a Piece of History

Yatzil and Rob had a beautiful wedding at the Falkirk Cultural Center in San Rafael, which is listed on the National Register of Historic Places.  This gem of a venue boasted of old growth trees surrounding the mansion and lots of intricate detail and character in every room.

The couple made photographing their day very easy as they let the day unfold in stride, Rob took it a step further and had a lot of fun being in front of the camera. 

He was loose before the wedding and took every opportunity to make his groomsmen laugh, here he is mocking the "Watch Your Step" sign to the right.

After the first look in the front parlor room was photographed we then moved on to formal portraits.

Here we used a one light softbox setup to retained the rich and bold tones of the fireplace. 

The dining room had a glass top so we constructed a mirrored reflection photo and posed the couple with symitery in mind.

it's not often I photograph the bridesmaids all wearing different color dresses so I wanted to simply crop this photo so you focus on this eye catching detail.

Shooting for a washed out background is a great way to make a striking photo of the bride.

With a few moments of downtime before the ceremony, I went back to the softbox look which suits the wainscotting paneling well. 

Yes Rob!  You held the ring upright so it stands out!

Here we used a traditional 85mm lens typically used in wedding photography, it causes your eye to go directly to the flowers.

This particular group of wedding goers could really dance!

Dad set the tone with his fun dance style and really had his daughter enjoying herself. 

Yatzil's sister appreciated the lively dancefloor from the second floor window. 

I had just enough time after the boquet toss and a great backdrop to create a portrait which dates this beautiful historic building.